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Borrow against Bitcoin to Unleash your assets liquidity without selling.

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LVT: 50%

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FiFit – Giving you the ability to unleash your assets liquidity without selling your Bitcoin.

How it Works

FiFit – Crypto Backed Business Loans.
Your solution to getting cash using your crypto without losing your investment.

Tell us how much you need. Take our 5 minute online application form to find out your maximum LVT.


Transfer your crypto security over to your secure, unique wallet address provided. 


Once the security is received, be immediately approved for your loan amount. Calculated on the live crypto price.


Receive funds on the same day within the hour*

*Subject to your bank.

Repay the full amount owing at the end of the loan term.

FiFit – Unleash your liquidity.

Why Choose Us?

You do have the option of selling your crypto for cash, but you would be giving up your investment! With FiFit, get the cash you need and best of all, the Bitcoin remains yours.

Borrow against your crypto without letting go. The crypto is still yours so you will benefit from all potential growth.

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