Crypto Backed Business Loans

Borrow against Bitcoin to Unleash your assets liquidity without selling.

Deal directly with an Australian Lender.

Quick Approval and Same Day Funding*

*Subject to your banking institute.

FiFit – Giving you the ability to unleash your assets liquidity without selling your Bitcoin.

Crypto backed loans throughout Australia

How it Works

FiFit – Crypto Backed Business Loans.
Your solution to getting cash using your crypto without losing your investment.

Tell us how much you need. Take our 5 minute online application to find out if you are approved.


Once approved transfer crypto security to our secure, unique wallet address provided. 


Once security is received, immediate approval based on the live crypto price.


Receive funds on the same day within the hour*

*Subject to your bank.

Manage your loan and repayments via our unique member service, with live Bitcoin pricing.

No waiting.

Always Online

Our FiFit platform is supported by an ‘always online’ operating system. This means you have access to the information you require at any point in time. Never wait in a queue for when you need access to information the most.

We are also supported by a call centre that can be contacted within business hours via phone, SMS or email to address your concerns at any point in your review process.


Establishment Fee


Administration Fee


There are no additional fees for the duration of the loan. The total 9% which is calculated by the loan amount is the total amount you are charged. No additional, hidden costs along the way bringing you complete transparency all the way from start to finish.


We understand that security is of the most concern. Be assured that the cryptocurrency used as the collateral still remains yours. Upon transfer, it is received and stored in an offline, cold wallet and held in trust under your details. Our systems operate on the highest of security standards to ensure the protection of your asset.


Unleash your liquidity.


Access Liquidity Without Selling

You have the option of selling your crypto for cash, but you would be giving up your asset and a sale is a taxable event. With FiFit, get the cash you need and best of all, the Bitcoin remains yours.

Borrow Against a Productive Asset

With FiFit as the value of your asset increases so does your capacity to borrow.

Quick and Simple

Same day approval and funding means you can get on with business.

Australian Based Lender

By dealing directly with an Australian based lender, not a panel, you’re able to access the funds you need when you need them.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is FiFit?

FiFit offers crypto backed business loans allowing you to borrow against your Bitcoin to unleash your assets liquidity without selling.

What does my business need to qualify?

To qualify you must be an active Australian registered company and have Bitcoin assets to pledge as security.

What is LVR?

Loan to Value Ratio. For example, if you have $100,000 worth of Bitcoin as security and take out a Loan of $50,000 the LVR is 50%.

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